ClassA is a complete range of functional modules for processing of analogue , satellite, cable and baseband signals. It also includes optical transmitters and receivers. All modules have identical format and simply to place on a wall-fiing baseplate or n a 6RU rack-frame. All connection and control ports are located on the front panel.




SZB — Amplification, Conversion and Modulation Equipment

Amplification, Conversion and Modulation modules, dimensions: 190x38x87 mm. F connection. Easy to assemble onto the wall mounting base plates, without the need of any tools.

  • TV single-channel and multichannel amplifiers, the last ones especially created for the combined amplification of analog and digital channels. Z input demultiplexing and Z output multiplexing. Adjacent channel operation allowed in UHF band.
  • FM Radio and DAB Amplifiers.
  • PLL-controlled converters. Z input demultiplexing. Within a headend, each converter module must be complemented with an amplifier module.
  • Sat-IF Combiner/Amplifier.
  • Double Side Band programmable TV modulators.
  • Power Supply modules, dimensions: 215x35x140 mm. Output voltage +24 VDC is automatically connected to the RF modules through a connecting bar at the base-plate.


ONE123 Programmable multichannel amplifier

  • Self-installation function.
  • All settings are automatically memorised.
  • Reprogrammable as many times as required. Programmed without the need for external control.
  • 10 tuneable UHF ! lters with the variable band width of 1 to 5 channels.
  • Terrestrial inputs (BI-FM, BIII-DAB, UHF and EXT).
  • Equalisation and automatic gain control.
  • Internal con! guration cloning with transferral to another equipment.
  • Equipment locking by security code.