Why you need Hiber+ digital matv for your property?

  • Hiber+ digital matv ensure crystal clear picture in every television unit no exception.
  • Low investment cost almost similar to analog matv.
  • Using traditional matv network for distribution system, easily you can upgrade old analog matv to Hiber+ digital matv.
  • Low operation cost , Hiber+ digital matv electrical consumption 30% more efficient compare to analog matv equipment.
  • Support Full HD standar 1080P , analog only support SD standar PAL & NTSC.
  • Support 3D television content.
  • Hiber equipment has been designed for 24/7 operation.
  • 2 years warranty for Hiber+ equipment.


Hiber+ Digital TV Equipment :

  • 4 channel HDMI Digital MATV Modulator
  • 8 channel SD Digital MATV Modulator