Navicom IPTV, more than just digital TV

To enable guests to really relax in their rooms and to enjoy a true home from home experience, Navicom offers you access to thousands of high quality digital TV and Radio channels from around the world. With superb digital picture and sound quality and complemented by the new generation of LCD and LED displays, your guests can enjoy a true digital experience.

This is not something new for Navicom – we already support many hotels and today over 10,000 guest rooms feature our integrated IPTV services and many others our stand-alone solution.

Flexible solutions
Our IPTV solutions can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. For customers who have selected either Sensiq, our guest communications portal or Genesis, our proven internet and entertainment solution, IPTV can be seamlessly integrated into both, thus increasing the range of content available for your guests and enhancing their overall entertainment experience. 
Additionally complete stand-alone professional IPTV solutions are offered to customers who do not have an in-room system and our services include the supply, installation and maintenance of the latest digital TV equipment. We can also support many of our system customers with the option to provide digital television channels to their guests without any significant upgrading and reinvesting in new digital TVs in hotel bedrooms. Our experience also extends to advice and recommendation on the most optimal and cost effective TV channel plans based on your hotel’s guest profile and requirements. Navicom supports IPTV options over CAT 5/6 and fibre and coaxial hotel TV networks.



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