SM 6000+ / SM 7000 Universal VSB Modulator

Fagor SM 6000+ / SM 7000 Modulator with VSB output, that allows adjacent channel operation. A programmable output channel means that the modulator can easily be inserted into the headend since it operates in any TV channel (BI, BIII, ā€œSā€ Bands and UHF). The stereo model includes STERO/DUAL signals processing.

Analogue satellite TV community installations, where locally produced channels insertion is needed.


  • It allows audio volume adjustment to equalise them to the level of other installed programs.
  • It also offers the possibility of fine tuning the output channel frequency to disperse intermodulation products in installations with many channels.
  • RF output signal ON/OFF switchable for analysis and headend adjustment.
  • Brightness adjustment available.
  • Video modulation depth adjustable from 75 to 90%.
  • Incorporates test bars generator.
  • Output frequency shift.
  • Screws and power supply cable included