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Fagor SM 6000+ / SM 7000 Universal VSB Modulator

Fagor SM 6000+ / SM 7000 Modulator with VSB output, that allows adjacent channel operation. A programmable output channel means that the modulator can easily be inserted into the headend since it operates in any TV channel (BI, BIII, “S” Bands and UHF). The stereo model includes STERO/DUAL signals processing.

Analogue satellite TV community installations, where locally produced channels insertion is needed.


  • It allows audio volume adjustment to equalise them to the level of other installed programs.
  • It also offers the possibility of fine tuning the output channel frequency to disperse intermodulation products in installations with many channels.
  • RF output signal ON/OFF switchable for analysis and headend adjustment.
  • Brightness adjustment available.
  • Video modulation depth adjustable from 75 to 90%.
  • Incorporates test bars generator.
  • Output frequency shift.
  • Screws and power supply cable included
Fagor MICROMATV System EVO D100

The programmable selective amplifiers MICROMATV series are the most flexible solution for the reception of digital and analogue channels. This universal amplification system is designed for medium-sized analogue and digital terrestrial TV headend community installations and individual installations. Can receive signals from up to 5 antennas, allowing the system to be organised in accordance with the number of channels picked up by each.

IKUSI BNS200 IPTV Streamer Dual AV

IKUSI BNS-200 IPTV Streamer Dual AV to IP multicast ulticast streamer for IP broadband networks. Two channels of composite video with stereo audio encoded for IP streaming over IP multicast networks


The BNS-200 streamers are A/V to IP gateways designed to broadcast in multicast on an IP network the TV broadcasts issued from audio and video local sources. The IPTV streams can be viewed using a set-top box or a software video player.


IKUSI ONE123 Programmable multichannel amplifier

IKUSI ONE123 Programmable multichannel amplifier

  • Self-installation function.
  • All settings are automatically memorised.
  • Reprogrammable as many times as required. Programmed without the need for external control.
  • 10 tuneable UHF ! lters with the variable band width of 1 to 5 channels.
  • Terrestrial inputs (BI-FM, BIII-DAB, UHF and EXT).
  • Equalisation and automatic gain control.
  • Internal con! guration cloning with transferral to another equipment.
  • Equipment locking by security code.
IKUSI MCP411 Vestigial Side Band Modulators

IKUSI MCP-411 Vestigial Side Band TV Modulators. Mono and A2 or Nicam Stereo/Dual Sounds. TV Systems: B/G, D/K, I, L, M/N. IF modulation and SAW. Any selectable TV channel within the 45-862 MHz band. 

Programming connection using the SPI-300 or PC is individual - module by module. The process involves the following selections and settings:

  • video Carrier Frequency;
  • TV System;
  • Video Modulation Depth;
  • Audio Mode (mono-stereo-dual);
  • RF Output Level;
  • Generation of Video Test Signal.